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About Us

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The Hall is run by an elect Management Committee, which is overseen by 4 Trustees.


The aim of the Committee is to ensure that the fabric & infrastructure of the building are maintained and used in a way which ensures the safety and comfort of all its users, while complying with Health & Safety regulations as well as relevant Government Dept. Guidelines.


The Management Committee is responsible for preparing the annual report and financial statements in accordance with applicable law and SORP. Charity Commission law requires the Management Committee to prepare financial statements for each financial year which give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Charity and of the surplus or deficit for that period.


Management Committee 12-13


Chair: Sally Ann Kirk

Vice Chair:   Jacey Bedford

Secretary: Nick Dilly


Trustee: Carole Ashley

Trustee: Richard Hurdley

Trustee & Treasurer:  Roz Dilly

Committee:  Graham Wilson,  Joan Harrop, Rosemary Mann, Mike Davies, Grahame Maxwell, Christine Mittermuller